Membership Perk: Creality 3D Printer

Attention current and prospective members of Rock Candy Coworking! We have an exciting new perk to announce: free access to a Creality 3D printer.

If you’re not familiar with 3D printing, it’s a process where a three-dimensional object is created by adding material layer by layer. This technology has endless possibilities, from creating small objects like phone cases and figurines to larger objects like furniture and even houses.

The Creality 3D printer is a high-quality printer that produces accurate and detailed prints. It’s easy to use and can handle a wide range of materials, from ABS and PLA to TPU and PETG. And best of all, as a member of Rock Candy Coworking, you can use it for free.

At Rock Candy Coworking, we’re committed to providing our members a variety of new resources and amenities. We believe that the Creality 3D printer is just one more way we can support our community.

So, how can you take advantage of this exciting new perk? 

Simply use the Rock Candy Calendar (link is available in your member packet) to reserve a block of time to use the printer. A step by step guide and video walkthrough is available via QR code at the printer station to help you get started.

While use of the printer is free, you must supply your own filament! Read the specifications via the printer link above for compatible filament options.

If you are not a member, sign up for a membership at Rock Candy Coworking, and you’ll have access to the Creality 3D printer!

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